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Anonymous asked:


"Do I have to take two?" he asked scratching the back of his head. "Might as well…" he sighed, as he lifted one of the shot glasses in front of him and downed it in one go. He repeated the motions with a second shot glass. "There you go." 


Send me one of the following; for my muses reaction when your’s says [one of the following] while teasing my muses body with an ice cube.

  • "Don’t worry, I’ll warm you back up after."
  • "See? You really are hot~ The ice is melting."
  • "I think I’d like some refreshing juice with this ice~"
  • "How long can you last? Until it melts?"
  • "Just look~ the waters leaking out~"
  • "Com’on. I thought you lasted longer than that?"
  • "Does it turn you on?"
  • "You gasp so cutely~"
  • "Keep pulling faces like that and I’ll have to kiss you~"
  • "It’s to cold? Then beg~"
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